Icelandic Retreat: Claudel St-Pierre's Textile Discovery Journey

Icelandic Retreat: Claudel St-Pierre's Textile Discovery Journey

Nestled in the heart of Blönduós, amidst the serene landscapes of Iceland, lies the renowned Icelandic Textile Center - a haven for artists and designers passionate about the world of textiles. Last March, this prestigious institution welcomed visionary designer Claudel St-Pierre for a two-month immersive experience.

For many, Iceland is a land of mystique – with its vast glaciers, erupting geysers, and the dance of the Northern Lights. But for Claudel, it was also a canvas of inspiration. The raw beauty of the Icelandic landscapes, combined with the richness of ancestral textile traditions, offered Claudel a unique opportunity to recharge, learn, and innovate.

This journey allowed Claudel not only to delve deep into textile art but also to shape her vision as a designer. The subtle nuances of Icelandic wools, traditional weaving techniques, and interactions with other passionate artists enriched her creative palette.

Claudel didn't just return from this retreat with new skills and techniques. She came back with a renewed vision, reignited passion, and a determination to weave these discoveries into her future collections. 'Made to be Mad' isn't just a brand; it's an ever-evolving story, and Iceland is now an indelible part of it.

Prepare to witness the upcoming chapters of this journey, where the magic of Iceland merges with the exquisite artistry of Claudel St-Pierre.

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