Early Inspirations in Fashion Design

Born into the dynamic world of design, Claudel St-Pierre represents a new generation of fashion designers whose vision transcends traditional textures and shapes.

Her initial education in fashion design at Cégep Marie-Victorin, followed by an immersive experience at the Montreal Contemporary Textile Center, sparked a profound passion for knitting.

Reinventing Knitting: A Unique Signature

Globally, many designers have revitalized knitting, transforming it into a powerful fashion statement. Claudel stands out in this realm, inspired by international trailblazers who blend the traditional with the contemporary, bringing her personal touch to this age-old craft.

Iceland: A Breath of Inspiration

Continuing her journey, Claudel immersed herself in the Icelandic Textile Center in Blönduós for two months, where Iceland's raw beauty and ancient textile traditions fueled her inspiration for her knitted collections.

MADE TO BE MAD: A Movement, A Vision

MADE TO BE MAD is more than a brand; it's a movement. Harmoniously blending traditional and modern knits, each piece tells a story - from cardigans inspired by the Northern Lights to pullovers reminiscent of Iceland's icy landscapes, including knitted jackets that merge Icelandic techniques with contemporary patterns.

Claudel St-Pierre: Art and Innovation in Every Stitch

Claudel St-Pierre is a force in the world of knitted design. An artist and innovator, every thread she weaves is infused with her passion, her story, and her undeniable talent. Her travels, experiences, and inspirations are reflected in each creation, inviting the world to view knitting not just as clothing, but as a work of art, a celebration of history, and a vision for the future.